E-mail Marketing


Cost Effective E-Mail Marketing to reach out your prospect in best way.

DigiEdge's e-mail marketing strategies ensure that your mails won't be lost amid the spam mails in the users' inbox. We offer amazing out of the box ideas, which let you, stand out in the inbox. We realize that people won't be interested in reading your mails if they are plain and dry. Our designers have acquired great expertise on how to communicate your ideas and visions to the end customers in a way that is both effective and interesting to them. Whether they are using big screen computers or small mobile phones your e-mail will always succeed in grabbing their attention and consequently escalate your promotion.

Some benefits of direct form of marketing are
  • Low cost
  • Saves communication and turnaround time
  • Quick way to get fresh traffic as well as repeat visitors
  • Create brand recognition
  • Boosts personalized email marketing
  • It encourages targeting of traffic